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Jumpman hacking


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10 hours ago, sodarun said:

Hope you folks don't mind 
but I created a video about some of the new Levels 
hope you enjoy it ?

fun! thanks for sharing. We have more in the works, and plan to release a whole new edition with 32 new levels. Fadeaway will be included... Welcome Back, probably not :)



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On 11/11/2019 at 10:49 AM, cwscws said:

Are there any new screenshots? :)

This level is not new, but the screenshot is! I was experimenting with display list interrupts, not with the goal of changing colors like you see here, but it as a first attempt to see if a DLI could be used to multiplex players to increase the number of enemy things moving around. Looks like it will be possible.



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Plenty of surprises! Just none about Jumpman. I think Kevin is still waiting on a fix for a specific feature in the level editor, and I need to publish a beta version of Omnivore 2 with executables for Win and Mac so other people than Kevin and I can create levels with custom code.


I have created a tutorial on Display List Interrupts as the result of my work on the Roomba level, and I'm working on the possibility of player multiplexing as an optional feature for levels designed in Omnivore for Jumpman II.

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Tried to contact him many times, not sure if Kay Savetz got hold of him but Randy Just seemed to remove himself from all things gaming..


A shame as he had given his blessing to a PC reimagine which itself just stopped being updated..


Also make sure you get the full J-M experience with the beta of Jumpman, some differences..ie Randall Glover and level differences..Lots of differences in fact..


Often known as Jumpman #1 or Jumpman Zero..


Will add it to the post for completeness...


I've always been a huge champion of Jumpman, I saw it back in the day and the initial thought was "ugh, looks cheap" and then, I played it, I was HOOKED...Such a fun and playable game that I still play almost every week..



Jumpman Zer0.atr

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3 hours ago, cwscws said:

I really wonder what Randy Glover would think of contributing to this great project? Can somebody contact him?


I briefly emailed with Randy a couple of weeks ago. He told me that he is not doing anything Jumpman related but there is another Jumpman themed project in the works by someone else.


He is aware of our project and supports it, but I think it's fair to say that he's moved on to other interests in his life.


In case anyone here missed it, Rob and I interviewed Randy in 2016. https://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-interview-171-randy-glover-jumpman



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