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PINBALL MACHINE Collecting - What you need to know to get started

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Chuck Van Pelt of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo shows us what a new Pinball machine collector needs to know to get started collecting! Plus he talks about some of the more fun or collectable games, where to look for problems with machines and websites and books for reference.



Web Resources:

www.Pinside.com - online pinball-specific community

www.arcade-museum.com - arcade & pinball games
www.ipdb.org - Catalog and ratings of all pinball machines
Pinball Machine Care and Maintenance - Bernard Kamoroff
The Pinball Compendium - Michael Shalhoub
What are some of the pinball hidden gems out there? Also, does anybody else play pinball on a tablet or mobile device? Zen Pinball has some great Star Wars & Marvel tables to download.
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