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Need help identifying a Pinball Machine


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Hi guys, I'm hoping to get some assistance here. I enjoy playing pinball but for the time being I'm interested in a home machine small enough to meet my space restrictions. For me it doesn't have to be overly advanced- even simple gameplay such as merely keeping the ball in play is suitable provided the playfield and its mechanics are entertaining and challenging. With that said, I came across this Pinball Machine on Shopgoodwill that I'm very interested in- http://www.shopgoodwill.com/auctions/Williams-Getaway-High-Speed-II-Pinball-Machine-29695959.html


It appears to be a home version of Williams 'The Getaway' pinball machine. I compared pictures of the commercial machine with the one on Shopgoodwill and the machine's construction, as well as the playfield, is not identical the commercial version- it's much simpler. There's a lot of pictures of it on the Goodwill page but beyond this I'm unable to find ANY information about this home version anywhere. Can someone take a look at the pics and confirm that this is a home model of 'The Getaway'? And if it is, does anyone know where I can acquire this machine?


I'll also directly post the pictures from the Goodwill page here in the event the above link doesn't work for whatever reason. Thanks in advance!














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Thanks for replying racerx. What you found appears to be one of the very few (if not the only one!) pages with content on this pinball machine. Do you by chance happen to know anything else about the machine? I'd be interested in further pictures or videos to see it in action, and if it looks fun enough I'd like to acquire one.


I used to have a Generation 2 Zizzle pinball machine but after playing it for a few days I had to sell it- it was poorly made and is a very disappointing machine with its questionable design/gameplay mechanics. Believe it or not I found far more enjoyment with playing the Tomy tabletop machines (American Pinball, Pirates Treasure). Though the Tomy ones are more simplistic they're better constructed, more fun and do not have the issues that plagued the Zizzle machines.

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