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Here's my Sears Super Video Retrocade build, thanks all!

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First, a big huge massive THANKS to Byte Knight, and all the folks that helped me when I asked with this project!


It took me since the beginning of December to finally get all the workings completed. The initial build was a breeze, but all the insane amount of tweaking, configs and setups of each emulator was a killer. I have no formal programming experience, but I can read Google and watch a YouTube like a fiend! LOL!


My bild was heavily influence by Ken Nicolettis 'Raspivision'


Here's my breakdown in a nutshell. Follow Nick's video above for all the minor details. He did a great job explaining the how's and where's.


Cover off...



1. Top left is the dedicated Power Pack hooked into the Mausberry Pi - dedicated power switch hidden in the back.

2. Musberry Circuit connected to the Original power switch

3. UPCI providing the interface for all the retro controllers via the 2 stock SSVA DB9 ports.

4. 2 USB slots hidden in the front for all other controllers. I personally only use SNES as they have enough for everything I need.

5. HDMI output in the back next to the original RCA out.


I did my best to hide everything as to make it look like a stock SSVA unit. I even went so far as to use the original power cable, and allow it the ability to be tucked back into the base as it did originally.

All that I have left to do is to figure out a way to connect a single position switch to the 'reset' button and make it work as a true reset in the emulators themselves.


Aside from the posrts cut in the back and front, it looks totally stock... but once turned on, it's running RetroPie 3.5 with a basic Eudora theme for EmuStation.


the biggest tweak to INTY was the use of the Sears exec.bin. I figured it made sense to use it.


I'm running Atari 2600/7800, Colecovision, Intellivision, Commodore64, Nintendo, SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega 32x, Mega Drive, Vectrex, MAME, GaneBoy, GameBoy Color.


Here are some more pics.


Layout of all cables. Tight, but workable.



Controller cover on.



Custom splash screen



Intellivision Menu



Space Battle with Sears exec.bin as the exec.



I have to admit, I love this thing. It's really great! Having one almost makes owning the originals obsolete... almost. Nothing better than the true originals... but with the quality of these emulators, and the beauty of HDMI... its just so damn easy now.

All the best, and thanks again!




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@pimpmaul69 - the theme is one of the downloadable sets from Retropie. It's called Eudora. I liked that it looks clean and simple. More attention is paid to the box art than the background when you pull-up a gamelist.



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