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400Pal with RF and Scart/Peritel


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Hi guys,

I was browsing the forum and found this topic about French Atari 400's: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/62346-atari-400-way-to-use-a-video-monitor-with-it/page-2

I remembered that I have a 400 with a Scart (or in France Peritel) connector. Sadly in the topic the pictures aren't available anymore, so I cannot compare my 400 with the one Arnaud (atari-passion) showed in the thread. I tried to power it on. My television set detects the signal (scart and audio) but sadly no picture. Also on the RF cable there is no picture. I will try to fix this. Looking at the pinout if the scart connector uses only Composite video and audio, so it is not RGB.

But in the meantine, has anyone seen this kind of mod anywhere?




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I've just modded my 400 for S-video out... Its pretty much implemented the extra bits that the 800 has and on a little breadboard. I guess your board could be a better diy build with an etched board....the arrangement of the ladder looks strange though...


I lifted A103 to mount my board so RF will no longer work. I suspect the mod you show has the ladder resistors lifted, so no RF for you either.

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Thanks for the information. I am gonna check which type of Antic is in my 400. I also going to try it on a old CRT with the scart. My modern TV sees the scart as an RGB connection, probably because the ground wires of the rgb signals are connected in the scart connector. So I will connect it to an old TV which switches to composite instead of RGB.


The RF signal gives a blank screen, so it does do something.....

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After some researching the net I come to the conclusion that checking the Antic or CTIA will not help me, because there were no dedicated Secam versions. But I found a picture with google from a French auction site. Sadly I cannot find the auction anymore. Only the picture came up in google. The color of the scart/peritel cable is the same, but sadly the picture is of the front of the computer, so I can not be sure.



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