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FS: Neo geo collection

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Neo geo aes games


Pics here ..... https://imgur.com/a/KVBLx


$375 Last blade JPN CIB

$175 Galazy Fight JPN CIB

Sold wind jammers ENG CIB

$200 Raguy carton JPN CIB

$75 Art of fighting 2 JPN CIB

$275 Kabuki klash far east of Eden JPN CIB

$175 Fatal fury real bout JPN CIB

$65 Fatal fury special JPN CIB

$100 quiz king of fighters JPN CIB

$125 fatal fury 3 JPN CIB

$75 art of fighting 2 JPN CIB

$75 fire duplex wrestling JPN CIB

$75 samurai spirits JPN CIB

$325 fatal fury real bout 2

$95 fighters dynamite history JPN CIB

$75 samurai spirits JPN CIB

$125 crossed swords US CIB

$100 world heroes 2 jet US CIB

$75 samurai showdown US CIB

$75 top players gold US CIB

$315 king of fighters 94 US CIB

$165 fatal fury special US CIB

$95 fatal fury dog tag US CIB

$75 world heroes 2 Dog tag US CIB

$165 art of fighting dog tag US CIB

$175 art of fighting 2 US CIB



Are there any collectors here?

I have some up for grabs as I need to make some cash to pay a medical bill astute


pm me or post here if u collect and I can get more info for ya



....Somethin' Sweet Down There!

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