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Intelivision Repairs

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I got 2 systems I believe and original release and one that is 3 models newer. The original has the RCA Audio and Vid out is a little loose and very snowy screen. the 2nd unit i got it for a few bucks with that connector broken off and rattling inside they system. Any way to either find a new jack or do a simple RF mod so I can get these systems working again. I did a small repair on my atari 2600 that was snowy and it looks amazing. These intelivisions I may need parts for. The RCA connector or RF mod unit to fix these.

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It's an easy repair to swap that module out. I've done 2 successfully.


Here is the part.. http://www.alltronics.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?item=92V017


Here is how to do it...




You can do a mod that will make the INTV A/V compatible, but it's more $$ and not as good as the original. Meaning, I found my colors to be washed out, and not nearly as deep as the original RF connection.


I hope it helps...



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The A/V mod I installed turned out just fine on mine, the audio is especially worth doing the mod for. Sounds light years better than the stock RF. Everybody's motherboard seems to be different though, so your mileage may vary. Nice thing is you can have both RF and av on your Inty without disabling anything.

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