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F18a only games?


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There's a few that have better graphics if you have the F18A but I don't think there's any that require it to play yet.


To the best of my knowledge, there is:


1) Alex Kidd

2) TI-Scramble

I believe both of them detect the F18A and enhance the game.


Rasmus is working on a racing game called Formula 18A


But of course EVERYTHING looks better on an F18A. Crisp and clean beats fuzzy or muddy any day of the week.

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Of course crisp and clean graphics, and enhanced games are not the only reason, there is also the 80 column capability in programs like the 9640 Menu System, the Modified BA-Writer, the hack for Multiplan and of course TIMXT's 80 column ANSI graphics if you ever want to call Heatwave BBS.


The F18A is the #1 modification for the TI.


Don't forget TurboForth and fbForth 2.0! ;-)



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