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Collecting the LA 1984 Summer Olympic Gear?


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Has anyone managed to hold on to a "complete set?" What would we, the community, consider to be complete these days?


Off the top of my head, I'm thinking:

600XL box with Olympic/Atari logo

800XL box with Olympic/Atari logo

Track & Field box with Olympic/Atari logo

Were there any other items that got the "official" sticker?


Then there was everything that could be ordered:


Ball cap

"Golf" shirt (we'd probably call it a Polo shirt now)


Ski cap


Tote bag


Key ring

Coffee mug


Am I missing any?


Comments, and photos if you have them (!) are *very* welcome!

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Usually when I look for the 1984 ads online, all I can find is a one-sheet with all of the merchandise laid out. But I just located an 8 page mini-catalog inside my copy of July 1984's Antic. Having been stuck inside there for 32 years, I'm reluctant to try to remove catalog from magazine (assuming the adhesive would tear). So I apologize in advance for the lousy quality of the photos.


[Edit: Nevermind. There are better scans on the Internet Archive]

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