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Excali-blog - Why Episode VII is Secretly a Parody of Spaceballs -Or- May t


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Has everyone had their newest installment of 'What the future will think is our history!'? I watched it about seven times in a row and just can't help but see it as some type of inside-joke-parody of Spaceballs with a hint of Scream thrown in for good measure.

Here's the list!... :P

Both Dark Helmet and Kylo Ren pop the mask and have a normal voice. Neither seeming to require it for anything other than boosting a menacing appearance. We all know that something like Sulfur Hexafluoride was mixed with air to allow Darth Vader to breath and that he required his get-up to even live.

Kylo sounds like a witness protection voice distorter and looks like the enemy from the Scream movies (I thought 'Scream' the first time I saw him in the film and the voice just backed that up perfectly).

The uniforms and armor look more like Spaceballs than previous incarnations of Star Wars. The helmets are rounder and the armor less technical looking.

The First Order are just a bunch of assholes. Not brainwashed clones, not mercenaries, not droids. Just assholes raised from childhood to hate on folks.

The guy giving the speech before they blow up the planets looks a lot like the guy that catches the stunt doubles in Spaceballs.

The alien Maz has the light saber, Yogurt has the Schwartz ring. Both harbor items relating to the franchise-story (merchandising).

Maz has been speculated to have possibly been disguised as a Jawa in the prequels and Yogurt has a whole team of them working for him.

A black rebellious Storm Trooper becomes a good guy in one and in the other a black rebellious Spaceball says "We aint found SHIT!!"

In both movies the girl is the superior warrior.

Chewie is shot, Barfalamew gets his foot flattened.

BB-8 looks like a pair of space balls.

Dark Helmet and Ren both have temper tantrums and wreck stuff ("We're having trouble with the radar, sir!"). Both play with their toys.

The wreckage from the war is somewhat like the crashed Spaceball One ship.

Spaceballs has a part where Lone Starr says "When did we get to Disney Land?" and E7 is a Disney movie.

Both Kylo Ren and Dark Helmet seem to be infatuated with (at least catching) the girl hero of the story rather than the job at hand.

Both Han and Lone Starr are getting something for a King!

Instant movies!! E7 came out on DVD/BR a very short time after the theatrical debut.

Toys from E7 seemed to try and manipulate the current trend of super-articulated small figures by offering said articulation on 6" figures (Black Series) only! I believe this is a method of separating the new Star Wars from the old and has made the toys less compatible. Merchandising! Where the REAL money from the movie is made!!

I'm sure there are many other observable connections between the two films I've yet to make, so feel free to join in!!


...MAY THE SCHWARTZ BE WIT' YOUUUUUUU.....what a world.....what a world....

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