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Need advice on values for a few 800XL systems, drives and games


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So I'll give a little background before the meat of my post, I collect games from Nintendo/Master System onward, but nothing from Atari. A family friend knows I collect and gave me several Atari 800xl's, about 31 carts, 4 drives and some joysticks. I'm looking to trade/sell to some collectors in the nearby area, but I'm not sure what to ask. Many of these items are uncommon on ebay, and some maybe have 1 current listing and no current history of a sale price. I'd like to come up with a fair price to both parties, I got these free and don't mind helping out fellow collectors but I'm not interested in getting ripped off and having someone flip any items in this bundle. I can admit when I'm outside my area of expertise so have come here hoping for some knowledgeable people to help me make a fair deal. I've attached pics at the bottom. Anyways here's what I have:


Atari 800XL x 3


The 3 systems have been tested and are working, they come with 4 power supplies, one power cord has been repaired a long time ago as evidenced by electrical tape on the wires.


Atari 1050 drive (untested)


The 1050 drive doesn’t have it’s official power supply, was tested with an alternate but wasn’t able to read a disc. It might just need a proper power supply, it might need to be recalibrated or repaired, so it’s as is.


Indus GT drive (working)

Indus GT drive (as is)


One Indus GT drive read with no issues, the other just spins and likely needs to be recalibrated/repaired and is being listed as is.

All joysticks and carts worked but will need to be cleaned. I have not tested the tablet, but should be functional. It does include the Atariartist Cartridge.


Atari Touch pad w/Atariartist

Atari 410 drive (unstested)


The cassette drive powers up but I don’t have a cassette to test it, tossed cassettes a long time ago.


Joystick (4 wico) x 5


From what I've read a couple of the carts might be uncommon/rare, but I know in the console world that doesn't always translate into price. I've highlighted the ones I've read as uncommon or rare. The carts:


Asteroids x 2

Basic Computing

Basketball x 2

Centipede x 3

Cavern of Mars


Dig Dug

Fantastic Voyage

Fisher Price Logic Levels - w/box and manual, both has a ripped top

Fisher Price Number Tumblers w/box and manual, box is in ok shape

Fisher Price Dance Fantasy - w/manual


Jungle hunt


Ms Pac man x 2

Missle command

Pac man

Pole position

Princess and Frog

Quest for Tires

Space Invaders

Super breakout

Star Raiders




Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can give, and if you are in Southern Ontario and have interest let me know.












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Fisher Price carts are C-64 related. All the rest is Atari and saying the truth they aren't rather uncommon on eBay (sorry!). I am not familiar with C-64 cartridges. When it comes to Atari - Princess and Frog is the rarest although it is not unique, then Fantastic Voyage, Bc's Quest for Tires and at last let's say Turmoil. The rest is rather common. Anyway they are ATARI, so they all are fine :) (for this reason a private message sent).

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Sorry, I guess I should have "some" said rather than "many" :) , it was just a general statement. I was asleep when making this post, no morning coffee yet. A few of the games were harder to find a price for. Princess and Frog only had 1 or 2 auctions that were up, and none sold as a reference. A bunch of the other items I was unsure how sought after they were, I don't count 1 or 2 sold or current auctions as a good basis for judgement.

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