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player1"NOT"ready's Blog - arati 2600 MOD and still sparkly


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hello, just needing some assistance with this. I MODed one of my ataris. I get little Sparklies and interference. (the whole reason I did the mod was to get rid of this.) I changed the 2400fu cap and voltage reg. no change change chips. changed out the cap on C241 c214 and the c206 and 207 that controls sound since I was in their anyways.

It was a basic MOD.

I have this same issues with some other ataris(not MODed yet) I have that I'm trying to repair. I normally just replace the rf cable but good ones are getting hard to come by. If I can get the MODing down than I wont need the cables.

I can get the picture to come in clear, but I have to hold the mod board in my hand and contact the resisters.
I've tried different T.V.s
I've tried plugging the console in the wall socket.(I normally use a multi plug.)
I've tried it with out my computer in the room.
I tried adjusting the coil (did less then nothing.)
tried multiple carts and cleaned them all before trying.

I'm getting interference and I don't know why.
I'm missing something on this and my other ataris

I am open to suggestions.

thank you

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