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Flat cable question


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I am looking for some technical information about the lynx II and I thought I'd ask it here first before I start tinkering around.
Currently I have a small collection of over 10 Atari Lynx's at home.
Most of them are working but there are two which aren't.
Last December I managed to buy three Pi Zero's and I want to use one of them to mod one of the faulty Lynx II console into a retro console by using RetroPi OS.
The idea is to replace the display with a new one that is directly connected to the Pi Zero and use the joypad as a controller together with a small usb hub and usb power bank.

Right now I don't have a multi meter to do some pin testing of the flat cable that is connected to the joypad and buttons.
I am wondering if there's some technical information available which connection of the flat cable is doing what so I can figure out which connection goes to which pin on the GPIO of the Pi Zero.

The other question would be to use the flat cable at all or make a new connector type that goes to the Pi Zero?
I am not sure which type of connector is being used for the flat cable on the Lynx motherboard or if it easily available or a custom one.
If it is a custom connector then I rather not remove the original from the Lynx motherboard and rewire the joypad connection.

The last question would be...
From the technical information I found so far am I correct that the display size being used is a 3.5 inch one?

Thank you in advance for any information you can give or any tips. :)


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Hey there... been there, done this!


You can read my whole build thread here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/246546-atari-lynx-ii-raspberry-pi-install/


There are links to videos and also other guides I've used that cover the pinouts and configs. I'll probably write up the full details shortly, but if you have any questions just ask.


I used a 3.5" composite TFT that looks and works pretty well!

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Thank you Cowdog for the information.
Interesting to read and watch your videos about the Lynx modding.
I am wondering if you would be interested in a Google hangout in the near future for a little brainstorm session?
Right now I am only gathering information before I even start taking a Lynx apart.
Such a shame to ruin a Lynx if it won't work and I try to avoid that.

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