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Colecovision in a purplebox?


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Haya all, I was looking around eBay for colecovision stuff and noticed this?


I think I have been pretty good at reading the history of Coleco and seeing what was out there but this is the first time I have ever heard of this box:




Can anyone confirm this is the real deal (at least history wise).



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It's real, it's a proto, and it's extremely rare.




and to put things into perspective (my perspective), the following Kiosk sold for $1000.00 last year; I'd consider that a better buy at this point ... But it all depends on the collector and many many opinions...



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Old news! :lol:


This is the second one to hit eBay in the last 4 years and the third one known to exist.


The CV Kiosk would indeed be a lot more exciting to see become available... only 2 complete are known to exist and some parts from a 3rd that are in very rough shape.

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Say what.. there's a 3rd boxed purple pre-production system out there? I never thought there'd be that many.. :?

I know a member here has a loose pre production console ..so that would be 4 pre production consoles, only 3 CIB. Standard controllers with spinners..2 known to exist?

The CV kiosks are way cool, I hope to attempt a replica someday. I hope Trade-n-Games does a video on that CV kiosk soon, its such a rare item, more so than the Inty kiosk he showed. Maybe more will surface ;)

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