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Mega Speedy Strange Issue


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I finally got around to installing this massive upgrade to one of my stock 1050's this weekend. It went easier than I feared. I usually manage to mangle upgrades. Usually because I am in a hurry and I miss some crucial piece of info. :dunce: But this time everything seemed to fall into place. So far I haven't placed the display board into the front housing. I wanted to make sure that it worked first.


I first plugged in power only. No data cable. It booted with a FL display for a few seconds and then beeped and went to the first sector and displayed 00 for the sector. So far so good. I powered off and connected a data cable to my stock 130XE. Turned on the 1050 with the drive lever open. Again it displayed FL for a few seconds and then went to 00. Now as I understand I should be able to turn the dial and see various mode codes display. No change. The dial seems to turn, but the display stays at 00. I pressed the reset button. Same response. FL then 00.


So I thought well is this indication of the default mode which seems to be the stock 1050 OS? I inserted a DOS2.5 bootable floppy and closed the door. Then I turned on the Atari 130XE. Sure enough the computer loaded the 130XE ramdisk and booted to the ready prompt. So....... the basic drive is working. ;-)


But I thought I had all kinds of extra stuff now in the drive. :? I fiddled around with it, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. No matter what I did I could not get the dial to select and display any of the other modes.


Okay, I took out the disk and shut everything off. On a whim I turned the drive back on, no disk inserted, drive lever open. FL then 00 as before. Then I turned the computer on. I figured I would get the usual boot error like a normal stock drive would give me. Noooooo. Instead I got a scary loud beep and the Mega Speedy Menu v1.0 displays on my monitor.


I can select the various modes that come standard and the drive will take that selection and the led displays the correct mode. ie S for Super Speedy and the disk copy program comes up etc.


Is just that my dial is bad? How can I tell what firmware is currently flashed?



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