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Trying to find some graphics/sound demos

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It's been a very long time since I've had my Atari 8-bit computers so I can't go back and check my disks. There's several demos that I remember but can't find and never seen mentioned. It's been bugging me for the past 10 years because I can't remember the names and can't find them on Atarimania.


The first one I had on my Atari 400. All I remember is that it played some pokey music but also had sound coming from the keyboard speaker.


The second demo I've been looking for was sort of a hack joke. It would have a realistic sounding dial tone like the computer was dialing out then the computer would eventually get infected and end up with static on the screen. Resetting would just return you to the static. This one is one of my favorites because when I was a kid, a friend thought it was real and broke his computer.


The last demo was maybe from the demo scene in the late 80s. It had several different scenes but the only one I remember clearly is of an animated band playing to the tune of Major Tom.


If anyone can identify them or point to a copy online I'd be most appreciative. It would finally put to rest that tip of the tongue feeling everytime I try to recall the names of those demos.


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Did you by any chance have a C64 as well at some point, the reason I say is that there's a demo on the C64 with a group of people playing a tune, if memory serves me it was by Ratt and Ben and came from the Compunet service (BBS ish), there was also a C64 game that almost cloned their demo for an in game extra. I also remember a demo on there with a modem handshake as part of it.


Sadly I do know the demo on the 800 that used the keyboard speaker and played pokey stuff but I simply cannot remember the name,I was pretty sure we had been talking about demos and games that used the speaker a very LONG time ago on here (many many years) so hopefully it will click with someone who has a 'fuller' memory than me. Many of us also talked about these things on the Usenet comp.sys.atari.8bit newsgroup but that really IS a long time ago, pre 2000.


I was on the Internet when Phaeron was in short pants :)


Just joking Avery....

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I remember modifying a boot disk I had so that it would type some text like it was talking to you on boot. But it would only do it if you had the joystick button held down. So what I did was boot the machine while holding the button down and then walk out of the room. It would talk to my friend like it was possessed or something and tell him not to say anything to me.. :lol: Otherwise the disk would boot like normal.


When I came back into the room he didn't say a word... :lol:

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The only thing I remember that played music via pokey and speaker was a demo of the Beatle's song Yesterday. It turned off screen DMA, and was green. It was advertised as a stereo version of the song (when I say advertised, I mean the BBS description).


Also, Night Mission Pinball used the internal speaker for sound effects.

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Now that you mentioned Yesterday I remember clearly how it sounded. That's exactly what I was thinking of. Now I just have to find it again.


Kinda wish I had my Atari equipment still. It was all in the attic area of my parents' house when they sold it 16 years ago so someone scored big when they bought the house. I had a 400, 130XE, 520ST, 1040ST, and all kinds of other peripherals and software along with Compute, Antic, and STart magazines from 1982 to 1990. Maybe one day I'll recreate my collection but currently I don't have room.

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What does Altirra do with the Keybaord speaker, can't remember what Avery did for it..Ignored it


Ah, seems to be mixed in with the audio as it there was no speaker on later models (according to posts on here)


Just sounds a bit distorted...


Oh well, can't have it all :)

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The demo with a band playing Major Tom is most likely Peter Sabath`s graphic & sound demo, available as bootdisks (two versions, very similar) or as several files:





Press Start or simply wait for the next part... (the band playing Major Tom is near or at the end of the demo).

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