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Dmitry's Blog - Quick status update


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Well since my first post got borked, this re-post will be shorter, maybe that's a good thing

Since I last blogged - pulled out most of the IOCB code and now have custom routine for outputting text and characters.

Bugs are gone with the old putchr getchr stuff. Redid the linker config - looking much better now.
put 'externs' in snake.c - making that look cleaner.

Score working, lives working, Nerm has purple color. Snake struct working, but not optimized. Progress flying along.
Decided that "Nerm" will get some improvements that will go into Frake. No graphics changes, but I think I'll try to give Nerm the no joystick read routine for better responsiveness, and real delays, not delay loops - for working on accelerated machines without issue.

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