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Y cable?


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It is generally a bad idea to have multiple controllers connected in parallel to the same port.

There are some cases where it is safe to do so (e.g you can have 2 joystick only containig mechanical switches like the standard cx40 or one of them together with standard paddles), but other combinations won't work and could even cause damage to the controllers or the console.

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Because the 2600 controller is nothing but 5 independent switches, there is no problem with using a y-connector; I've been using one on mine, and incidentally, also my Colecovision, since they came out.


Over the years, there have been manufacturers of these cables, but I don't know who makes them now. Bet someone does, though.


At one point, it was very easy to find Y-cables made for the Genesis, but some of them did not run all 9 wires; with those you had to test on the Atari to make sure they worked.

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