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OT - NJ Gamer Con

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Con summary;


Small, but kind of effective.


The vendor area had about 20 sellers, but two had loose Inty carts with overlays rubber banded, one had loose and box and a few shrinkwrapped commons, average price $10. that's a pretty high percentage of Intellivision visibility.


The "free arcade" gave the kids a chance to really play the classic games the way They Originally Were . My 9-yo won Heavy Barrel without spending $90 in quarters. Experiencing Stargate Defender ("why does the joystick only move up and down?!") and Asteroids ("where is the controller?!") were also great.


There were multi-player tournaments as well. This was probably the worst part of the show, as the judges were scoring by-hand on paper in the corner and not showing anyone what they were doing, and calling names to play next intermittently. One kid wasn't called at all to play in his bracket and the judge didn't want to deal with it and just moved on. I'm waiting to see how this gets rectified, since that was a pretty bad experience for an otherwise decent setup.



Of course if I had enough talent, I would get a tournament Intellivision game going... Hmmm.....

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