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Drive II not reading?


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I have a couple if DiskII drives that fail to read any disks.

They will power on and spin, but nothing happens and I can't hear the distinctive scratchy sound of a floppy being read.


Can anybody recommend any diagnostics I could make?

I've cleaned their drive heads with a bit of alcohol but they still won't work.



I have a CFFA 3000 so I can transfer any utilities to the computer;

only caveat is that e.g. Locksmith doesn't seem to allow me to switch slots to test drives (CFFA=Slot 7, floppy controller=Slot 6)

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If you have the Original Disk ][s, with the 20 pin Ribbon Cable, and your sure the Heads are Clean, I would put money on blown logic chip, like this 74125 that came in a drive I bought..

That happens when reconnecting the Disk ][ to the Controller Card, and Missing the Pins.. That happen to me Once, in about 1986, and now I always Remove the Disk ][ controller and Turn it upside down to make sure the Pins align up..



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