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130 XE Deal in Dallas


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NOTE - this is NOT my listing. I'm just sharing to help the community.




I'm not really into the 8-bit line, but I thought someone on here might find this interesting if it hadn't already been shared:




Same guy has disk drives and printers for sale too.

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Saying that I'm not into 8-bit might not be the right phrasing. I'm cautiously trying to resist acquiring more computer equipment, but I have a retro gaming illness that means that I'm also always looking for stuff that I don't have or have never experienced. I would very much like to eventually get an Atari 8-bit computer, so perhaps you and I are destined to meet some day. - LOL

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I wish we had deals like that here, I've been after a 130XE so long I've given up, as always the issue is over inflated price here...


One day I'll have my XE and a 400 to complete the set...One day...Sadly, need to win the lottery here in the UK :)

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