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Ms. Pac-Man ROM & full source now available FREE

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Hello all,


The ROM and full source code for my game, Ms. Pac-Man, is now available for free on my blogger site.




If you like the game or find the source code useful, please show your support by making a donation (just use the button at the top right of the page).


All EXE files in the source directory require DOS box to run. There is no documentation except for the comments contained in the source files. The main source file is MS.SRC.


Thanks to everyone for showing their support for this project, and my other projects in the past.


Thanks, Carl


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Apart from asking for donations and credit informally and voluntarily, what is the license or terms of usage of the source code?


Will you consider releasing it under the GPL, the Apache License, Creative Commons, Public Domain, etc.? If so, I recommend you include such a license clearly with the source.



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Tried running the ROM in JZINTV and got a blank screen. Then I tried the BIN file and still a blank screen. Any ideas what the problem could be?

I can run fine the ROM file in my Mac jzintv setup. Try to update your jzintv emulator

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He has the updated version of jzintv on his Ultimate FB. There was probably an issue unrar'ing it. Atarifan88, I'll PM you the rom.

Actually I haven't put this on my ultimate flashback yet. I was trying it out on my computer. I have V1.0 beta 2 and just found v1.0 beta 4. Will give that a try. Thanks everyone!

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