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Painting a peb


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mantadoc has done an professional job painting it beige. Even the Speech etc. got the job. And since I used to have one, I guess the monitor was originally silver-gray (and so was the buttons). New stickers. And is it a CF7+ inside the Speech ? Very cool.



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Anyone ever paint a PEB to match the original colors? Know of a paint code? I was thinking of stripping and painting at the least the top, which on mine is pretty scratched and shabby.

If you go into a local NAPA or similar store, they can match paint pretty good. You should be able to get very close to the original gold and brown, but the sky's the limit.

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Hi everyone,


Resurrecting this older thread.


I have a PEB that has some stubborn stains that I can't seem to remove. I'm wondering if anyone has successfully painted a PEB since the time of the last post.


There are some decent spray paints available and was hoping someone identified a good match for the factory colors.




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Any good auto body repair shop has the equipment to color match damn near anything. Take in the lid and see if they would be willing to mix you up a batch of paint, or even professionally paint it for you during a slow moment. Most of the work is in the preparation, as in sanding, filling and cleaning. You don't want to paint over scratches and dents.

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