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Toki for the 7800 PAL / NTSC Edition Cartridge POLL



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  1. 1. Preferred Version of Toki

    • NTSC
    • PAL

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For everyone previously following our discovery of Toki for the 7800, this poll will also double as an update :P


We are currently preparing for a cartridge release of Toki. Originally this game was discovered in PAL format, but thanks to the efforts of RevEng, an NTSC version of the game has been produced as well.


A region-free version of the game is not possible because the PAL and NTSC ROMS are distinctly different.


If you are interested in a cartridge copy of this game, please select PAL or NTSC in the poll above. We will be using the poll results to determine interest in the game by region.

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Did a video get made of this yet? The screen shots are nice, but I'm dying to see it in action.


I will post a video prior to release, but unfortunately do not have a flash cart so cannot post one before I receive the carts. I'm dying to play this on the actual hardware :lol:


Does the game use the new graphics someone made or the original ones found in the prototype?


No modifications to the graphics or sound were done. Once the ROM is made available, people may of course make any desired changes. The intention of this release is to preserve the version we discovered, as it most closely resembles what Atari would've released.


NTSC. :) Is there any kind of "pre-order" or anything going on?


No pre-order at this time. Prior to that I'd like to have a video and a sample of the finished cart (with label .etc) so that people have more information from which to decide whether they want a cart or not.

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I feel like you said if you voted, that means that you are asking for a cartridge, but many folks are adding that they would like a cart, so I'll follow suit I guess. I would love to pay for an NTSC cart please.




BTW - AA private plane crashed, luckily no one was in it, as it was being controlled via the F-14 Tomcat Simulator, and the operator got bored with the game once it got in the air and let it go down. No one can find the wreckage, it's way too pixelated.

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