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Vectrex controller repair


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I came upon a vectrex and the controller is in wretched condition. Anyone know of a repair shop where i can send it in to fix. Ive seen new controllers go for $120 but i cannot afford that right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Dear fdeschape01,


Can you describe exactly what is wrong with the controller?

The vectrex controller is in most of the times repairable.

Dirty contact give problems or a broken spring in the analogue stick.

Even if the front label is damaged there is a solution: order a brand new one from ebay!

I even fixed a cracked electric circuit board with some glue and soldering (see my post in this forum)

In worst case scenario you can also mod a sega genesis controller to work on the vectrex. ( i did this also )

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I am in the same situation. My controller does not turn left or right. Everything else works(up/down and all the buttons work).

I am looking to see if there is a fix or if someone can fix it. I am also in the market to buy a second controller(either a modd'ed one or original)!

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Honestly I think you should open that controller up and do the repairs yourself. The Vectrex controller is actually a very simple design. The hardest part is actually removing the overlay wthout destroying it. Even then there are very good reproductions. I just did a full restoration of my controller and will be documenting the whole process. There are plenty of people here who can answer any questions you may have allong the way. In my opinion developing some of these skills is very important when getting into this hobby. Without them the hobby of collecting these old consoles can come with a lot of hear breaks.

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