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Can't get AppleWin game shortcuts to work...


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Not sure what I'm doing wrong, and hoping someone can help me...


I've got a desktop shortcut to the most recent version of the AppleWin emulator (, and it works fine. I figured I'd add a command line to the Target to have the shortcut boot up a game. So now my Target looks like this:


"c:\AppleWin.exe" -d1 "g:\apple II\Hobbit.dsk"


The shortcut doesn't even boot up the emulator now - it just pauses my mouse for a second and then nothing. I've double-checked that I've got the path and the rom name correct. What am I missing here?


Thanks for anyone who can give me some insight!

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I just associate *.dsk files to applewin


try dropping the quotes around "c:\AppleWin.exe", you only really need those when dealing with files or directories with spaces in them (such as your disk image folder)

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-d1 has a long and troubled past... looks like trouble has returned. Some problem reports over time:


I just tried, and fix 276 seems to have solved it:


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Osgeld - thanks, but David nailed it.


Ugh... thanks David, that was exactly the problem. I even saw the same bug report and fix that you pointed out, but I just assumed the problem had resurfaced. I downloaded AppleWin just about two months ago, so I assumed I had the last version. I don't know how I wound up downloading v. Goofy. But thanks - the shortcut is working fine now.

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