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Anyone interested in a... TI WEEKEND?


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So anyone up for a TI weekend June 11 & 12?


The idea would be turn off our modern PC's and go 95% Retro-TI for the weekend (this excludes some obligatory Atari Age time of course). :-D


You would have from now until then to use your PC to get everything required in the way of new programs over to the TI for the big weekend and once the weekend starts, it's TI-ONLY! :thumbsup:


This will give you an excuse to play with your new cartridges, flex the memory in your new memory cards, play with your new keyboards, call the BBS, play some online chess or get on the TI-Chat with Stuart's browser, or even finally organize all your programs, or write some software.


How about it? Are you in?


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I haven't fired up any of my PC games in almost a year.

My PC has become fairly focused as a TI support device. HDX drive, eprom burner, reference material, atariage.com.


If anything, I've actually been thinking, of cleaning up my desk a little more, and getting my racing wheel off the floor for a weekend of Codemasters Formula 1 fun.


But, that's not going to happen this weekend, as I will most likely be consumed with building and playing (cross-my-fingers) with FlashROM 99.



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I would be all over this, but... I'll be in NY at that time..


And so anyone that is going to participate that means to get your email fix and internet fix you need to use Stuarts Internet Browser with the CHAT page and the MYTI99.com email!

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@ElectricLab, even worse, the 9th is the PDXCUG meeting, and the 10th is the retrocomputing group in Canby. Looks like you're missing all the fun this month. :( I'll report anything interesting that comes up at the Commodore group since I can get to that one. Canby's a bit far to walk for me, though, and I haven't even tried to look for a ride down there so probably won't have a chance before the July meeting.

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ElectricLab was able to make it to the meeting, and there wasn't much of interest to TI folks here. But it was a great meeting for iKarith the Commodore 64 n00b, even if not so much for iKarith the TI n00b.


...someone brought a pile of stuff to sell or gift to anyone who wanted to take it. I got a ZoomFloppy, a C128 that needs a new F5 key and keystem, and a pile of C64 software and a few books. I paid $20 for the ZoomFloppy. :D


I also got a SID socketed and a 1541 recapped


My TI made an appearance. I showed off a few things I knew about, but that leaves all the stuff I don't yet. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to show off much more cool stuff.

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I actually had an interesting time this weekend. I went online with the TI browser and to Heatwave more often than normal.

There was manipulation of classic99 to make more stuff loadable from the FlashRom99. That was fun.


80 column text on my TI was overdriving my TV that I call a monitor (I don't think technically, just from my visual aesthetic) So I switched my F18A back to scanline mode. For some reason that seemed easier than figuring out TV controls.


While I was inside the beast, I took some time to further clean my cartridge port. It isn't dirty, but I have a hell of a time with rom cartridges. I've observed that it oxidizes quickly, but my carts all work better now.

I was able to keep my PC activities to strictly TI activities. My only visit to amazon was to buy possible TI parts, as now I'm toying with building a replacement for the cartridge L adapter. I want gold contacts.


I even used a physical cookbook to make a coconut eggplant dish, and made vegan 'chikin' adobo with nothing but my Filipino mother in-laws real chicken adobo recipe, to serve to my in-laws. It really bothered my wife that I didn't look up how to treat the jackfruit I substituted for the chicken. But she liked it in the end. My niece, not so much :)


I by no means stayed 100% off of PC technology. But I reduced it's use quite a bit. In truth, I didn't use the TI to accomplish things I would have normally done from a PC, but I did reduce the amount of time-wasting on the PC, and smartphone. I actually drove to where I needed to go without google maps. Again my wife was all 'do you know how to get there?' where 'there' was her mother's house.


I never let my wife in on that the behavior differences had anything to do with the TI. So it is still safe :)



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