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TI-99/4 bad video.


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That's right, a 99/4, not a 4A.


I have a unit with bad video. It seems to start up with jumbled random text. Seems to respond to keys, and carts work, but all graphics are jumbled.


Is this an easy obvious fix?


I tried the unit with multiple power supplies.

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If everything works except for the garbled video, you definitely have a bad VDP RAM chip or two. If you look here and here, you will find the original TI troubleshooting guide for the 99/4. You need both halves to get the complete manual.


Any reason why it is not in one piece? I have the ability to combine PDFs.

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I just scanned it in that way based on available time--and never took the opportunity later to combine the two files. That size also made it small enough to send as an email attachment to the person I scanned it in for initially.


I dig.

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