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Arcade Mario Bros NES PAL only?

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That's clearly wrong because Mario Bros was one of the last NES black box games to be released in the US in 1987.


Actually, it's correct. There was an updated PAL release later on in the system's life that is closer to the arcade game. Redrawn sprites and a few other things. This updated version wasn't released in the USA.




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So the bottom line is it did have a US release, but PAL territories got 2 releases??


Correct. The updated release, "Classic Serie" 1993 version, is a port of the original FDS game, Kaettekita Mario Bros. from 1988, minus the advertisements between levels and Nagatanien World, contains updated graphics and sound.


Released by Nintendo of Europe for parts of the PAL B region, it is shown running below under NES NTSC hardware (Hence the speed increase in sound and video):





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Nope, Mario Bros. Advance is a completely fresh effort on the GBA and is essentially a remake/re-imagining of the original arcade game.


And all of the rereleases have utilized the original NES port rather than the early 90's European version, such as the Famicom Mini Series release on the GBA and all of the Virtual Console releases for modern Nintendo platforms.

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