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Vectored monitor display problem (pictures attached)


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My vectrex has a display problem -- really bright dot in the center and rays are drawn everywhere. I discharged the monitor properly and attempted to re-sit all the chips that are socketed. I checked all caps of the main board and the side board, and none is bulging. (Damned! In the process of taking the board out for cleaning, I broke the potentiometer that control the volume. Anyway, that's the least of my problem now.)


Any idea what's wrong with the monitor or certain chips? Thanks!





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Looks like the brightness is turned up too far. Perhaps that pot is also broken.


Damned! I could kick myself in the butt for this! Yes, the brightness was turned up too far! It's OK now. I should have checked the obvious before doing surgery on my Vectrex. Well, I guess now I have a real problem to fix -- the volume potentiometer, which is tied to the power switch. Need to look of the ohm rating for the volume potentiometer and replace it.



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