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Ratcatcher, a new original Atari 5200 game

Ryan Witmer

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So does this mean a complete package is in the future????


Maybe, things are still being sorted out.


With that in mind, I've just updated the build. Found a bug in one of the player death handlers. This one was potentially quite nasty.

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 ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Ratcatcher on a newly UAV svid modded Atari 5200 (thanks ITC!) on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!



  • Rob 'n' Banks (2022 Retail | 5200) by Phaser Cat Games / Ryan Witmer @Ryan Witmer (Design and Programming) / Konstantinos Giamalidis @TIX (Character and Object Graphics) / Bobby Clark @Synthpopalooza (Sound Effects and Music) / Hrair Abdalian @Henry Lee (Cover Art) / Tony Morse (Manual Layout)
  • Intellidiscs (2021 Retail | 5200) by Phaser Cat Games / Ryan Witmer @Ryan Witmer (Programming) / Bobby Clark @Synthpopalooza (Sound and Music) / G. Tony Morse (Manual Layout) / Vladimir Zuñiga @vhzc (New Identifier Design) / Lou Graziani (Cover Art) / John Calcano @Atariboy2600 (Additional Artwork)
  • Ratcatcher (2016 | 5200) by Phaser Cat Games / Ryan Witmer @Ryan Witmer (Programmed) / Lou Graziani (Additional Artwork)
  • AtariBlast (2016 | 5200) by Paul Lay @playsoft (Code) / Harvey A. Kong Tin (Graphics) / Michał Szpilowski @miker (Flimbo's Quest Music)




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