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Drive! Label Contest


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Hello, everyone!

After months in development, I am ready to start a label contest for my Atari 2600 homebrew game, Drive! In this game, you are an explorer with a fancy car who steals a booby-trapped golden idol from a temple, which causes the structure to collapse. You drive down a bridge as it collapses behind you, avoiding obstacles in your path, collecting treasures, and doing everything you can to survive.

Download the ROM and try the game for yourself: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/250070-drive/


post-44583-0-26037000-1464648385_thumb.png post-44583-0-15713200-1464648413_thumb.png


The setting of the game is something like if Indiana Jones meets flashy red sports cars, and ideally the art would reflect this, but generally you have full creative control!


The winner will get:

  • A free copy of the game
  • Your artwork featured on the cartridge label and the front cover of the manual
  • Your name written in the Credits section of the manual

For now, I'll set the deadline to June 20th. If necessary, I will extend it.


Have fun, and good luck!

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Corey - that's absolutely beautiful! Amazing work!


It's fine as it is, but if you want to include copyright info, "Nick "Lumi" Wilson" would be great! (I probably should have specified this :-D)


Also, if I can ask a similar question, how should I name you in the credits?

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