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Cyctrix (Titris) and other new gamez from Wapniak'2016 party


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I haven't yet noticed news here about the latest Warsaw Wapniak party that brought a handful of nice new gamez, look them up here http://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/parties/prods/WAP-niak%2C2016.05.27-29%2CWarsaw%2CPoland/WAPNIAK2016.ZIP


Screenshots and description (in a slavic lingo): http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=nowinki&ucat=1&subaction=showfull&id=1464547945


Take care!

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Yeah, seven new games for Atari 8-bit. Also new music covers and some graphics for VBXE card. Thank you, Pirx, for linking my article.


I think "Tittricks" would be a better translation of the original name "Cyctriks" :)


Here is the link to an already translated article (by Google Translate, so it's not very good):


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Thanks CC, can anyone give me a clue about the Robbo SWS on disk 425, literally stuck in the first cave at the start, am I supposed to be pushing the two drill bit type things together, if yes, how?


Please, before I go insane, that will teach me to start playing a game at 4:30am.


I know the Robbo games of old but maybe I've missed something?


Thank you!!


Oh and just in case, make sure you get the Menu file telling you what is on all the disks from the very small disk Icon right at the start of the collection.

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