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ReplayFX 2016 (Pittsburgh) 7/28-31


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Really excited for this year's show. The main course is pinball with a side of arcade and console games. I plan on visiting Pinball PA (formerly known as the PA Coin-op Hall of Fame) Thursday night and then I will be at ReplayFX Friday & Saturday nights and all day Sunday.


Here's a video tour of last year's show:


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I will be there as well, mainly for Pinburgh but I'll be enjoying the convention outside of competition as well. Word has it they will have more arcade games and pinball machines on the floor for open play this year (i.e., not in the main Pinburgh area).

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Looks great! I went to a similar event in MA yesterday... the event here was focused solely on pinball though. Watching Lyman Sheats win the tournament was pretty impressive. Not sure that it's 'fair' for him to compete in a tournament that included a couple of the tables that he programmed, but he's a great player on all of the other tables as well. The final round here was Victory, Bride of Pinbot, and TX Sector and Lyman played well on all three. He was player two in each match and I think he won all three tables without needing to play ball 3. The runner-up played really well throughout the tournament but was just outmatched in the finals. Looks like Lyman is headed to ReplayFX next...


Beyond his pinball skills and industry contributions, Lyman also seems like a really nice guy. Even after the tournament ended, he spent the entire night hanging around the tournament room and free play areas chatting with everyone. The tournament ended around 8 but he stayed past midnight.


The whole expo was a lot of fun. Last year's event was great too. If ReplayFX was a little closer I'd probably be going there too...

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I did last year but not this year. I'll be at Pinball PA on Thursday. Friday and Saturday nights I will buy the discounted evening passes for ReplayFX. I will then be at ReplayFX all day Sunday.


This is the first I've heard of Pinball PA. Looks like its up the river past Neville Island N'at.


well maybe I'll see you Friday or Saturday evening. Saturday evening is when the symposiums are going on by Ed Fries and Steve Golson, so I'll probably be at those. I challenge you to a vector game!

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I'd like to hear from Austin as to how he did in the pinball tournament?


Here's some pix from my trip to Pittsburgh. Maybe this will give you folks some ideas as to other things you can do during your stay...



On our way in to Pittsburgh Thursday, we made a stop at the Flight 93 Memorial. I'll be honest it was tough for me to keep a dry eye while I was there.


This is a pic of the field where the plane crashed.



This wall contains pictures of all the passengers and crew that died on that flight.




From there we went to Pinball PA in Hopewell Township. I spent the rest of the night there on an all day play pass. This place is an arcade gaming mecca with over 350 machines many of which are rare and you won't find anywhere else available for public play. I did a walk through video which I'm editing now and should be up on YouTube this afternoon. I'll start a separate thread for that. Just some pix of favorite arcade games.







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On Friday we visited the Senator John Heinz History Center. My favorite part of the center was the history of Pittsburgh sports. They even had a display dedicated to Mr. Rogers.





On Saturday we made the 2 hour drive up to Cleveland to visit the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. We were unaware that Cleveland residents could get in free that day so the place was packed.


The Elvis exhibit



Michael Jackson's glove



An outfit worn by Jimi Hendrix




Across the street from the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame:





Then we ventured a few miles up the road to Lake Erie. It smelled just like a treatment plant up there.


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One of the highlights of the trip was being able to meetup with a childhood friend of mine that moved to Pittsburgh and I hadn't seen in about 25 years. His family and mine met up for dinner than we hung out at ReplayFX until 1AM playing pinball and video games.




With video gamer of the century Billy Mitchell




With the King of Arcades Richie Knucklez




With Imoto Harney (YouTube: Imoto Arcade). I got to spend some time with Imoto and her friends playing pinball.




On Sunday I got to play about an hour non-stop on The Machine. I guess it was located in a forgotten area of ReplayFX as nobody was waiting behind me to play. Great machine!




Bye-bye Pittsburgh until next year!


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It was a fun event but overall for me a little stressful/busy. Didn't get a lot of time to just enjoy the convention, which is a shame because there were so many awesome arcade games I didn't get a chance to play.


I spent Thursday and Friday playing in Pinburgh. I ended up qualifying for the B division playoffs, and so I had to come back and play a third day (Saturday) and got knocked out around 5:30PM. I believe I ended up 7th or 8th. The system went down before my last match and so it hasn't been updated, it's possible I made it to sixth, but based on how poorly I played in the last round I think I'm 7th or 8th overall.


I definitely recommend coming to this event if you are into videogames. There wasn't much worthwhile at the dealer booths, but there were so many good arcade games it's worth it for just that (not to mention all the pinball, especially late Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday when the Pinburgh qualifying rounds are over).

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There was a Black Widow. It was over close to the Pinburgh area. Star Castle was broken, I think. But I played it on Vectrex!


Last year had better and more vendors, but I did pick up 2 Saturn import games this year.I saw a used Halo 2600 but I cost the same as a new copy in the AA store. Saw a few 2600 home brews, repackaged. But nothing else that would interest me.

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Star Castle was broken


Last year had better and more vendors, but I did pick up 2 Saturn import games this year.I saw a used Halo 2600 but I cost the same as a new copy in the AA store. Saw a few 2600 home brews, repackaged. But nothing else that would interest me.


I was hoping to show my Star Castle skills off to my friend but yes it was down. There was a note on it saying that it played blind.


I don't know that many people go to the show for vendors and I think some figured that out and didn't return this year.


Oh and I didn't shoot video at this year's show. I got a little over 200 views on last year's video and I said screw it. Maybe next year instead of doing a walk through I'll shoot bits here and there and splice it together into a 5 minute video.

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