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TI-99/4A Stuff - The AMAZING new "FlashROM 99" Cartridge


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FlashROM 99

The new FlashROM 99 that came out in May of 2016 is a definite paradigm shift in cartridge technology for the TI-99/4A. In the past, if one wanted a ROM based program in a cartridge they either had to buy an EEPROM programmer, like the MiniPRO TL866CS, and some chips, and do it themselves, or pay someone else to do it.

With the old method of getting things on cartridge, there were a ‘few’ things one had to learn first, especially when making their own compilation cartridges. With this new cartridge, if you can “drag & drop” you can do it too! Nothing could be easier.

As time goes on, there WILL be more verified programs that work with this cartridge, and there WILL be at least one place (probably more) where you can obtain the binary files or “.BINs” for free.

This cartridge is the perfect solution for so many different types of TI user…

1 The returning user with limited equipment.
No memory expansion? No P-Box? NO PROBLEM! This cartridge with run many programs
that don’t require all the extras.

2 The dedicated gamer.
If you just want to play games, on the ‘REAL THING’, but not buy a bunch of expensive
hardware, this cartridge is a must.

3 The user on a budget.
This cartridge can get you into the TI painlessly from a financial viewpoint. Start having
fun now, worry about expanding later…if you decide/want to.

4 The user without the time.
Some people have limited time, and either can’t or don’t want to invest a lot of it learning
a bunch of convoluted steps to just program in a game or two every ‘now and then’.

5 The limited space user.
With the Nano-PEB no longer in production, the option for a small affordable storage
device for ‘Real Iron’ basically comes down to the FlashROM 99.

Now admittedly, I’m the kind of guy that ALWAYS wants something more for my TI, but in this case, I think many will agree with me on this one… it really, needs a case. (HINT to ANYONE out there capable of making one.)

Sadly, I had no time to play, I hade to leave for work so, this quick blog entry will be updated and refined over the next couple of weeks.

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