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Childhood pic of me getting Pac-Man

Atarius Maximus

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Not sure where a good place to mention this, but recently the ANTIC podcast did a interview with Todd Frye. Since they are a Atari 8-bit podcast they focused mostly on that and didn't ask him about the Pac-Man 2600. He did make a few comments, though. He said that it was much easier and better to do Pac-Man on the 8-bits since it was so much more powerful (duh!) and more in line with the arcade. Also, he didn't say this directly, but I clearly came away with the impression that he feels he did the best damn possible job with Pac-Man on the 2600 given the limitations of the console and what he was asked to do and has no regrets about it. You could argue of course if he made the 'right' choices in programing the game, but I think everyone can agree that it wasn't the rush jand half-baked job we all thought it was at the time. It just clearly showed the limits of what the system could do with that cart size. Ms. Pac-Man game was such a better game cause it had more space to work with.

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