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OK, this is getting insane - programming for over a month now without a real Atari.

So, I wonder how it'll play on the real thing? Since it doesn't play the same from one emulator to the next, and it's how it plays on a real Atari that counts :)

Of course it's going to be different, and I'll have to do some last minute troubleshooting. Best just to prepare for that with grace and patience.

The new look is in place, along with a new "indexed" method for handling all the DLI's - I have 4 or 5 already, went a little hog wild with DLIs.

I've replaced the snake with the worm, for now, because I was just showing someone Nerm, that's all - the snake is just commented out.

And remember in this version rooms have meaning and you are really exploring a castle - so the castle rooms will be designed unlike the original nerm which was just some blocks on the screen.


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