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Ivory Tower Collections - 2016

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It would be nice to be able to edit the original posts as we make changes...updates but.

Here are some shots of the current setup and collection at Ivory Tower Collections.











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Now *that* is how you do a game room. Hat's off to you, sir. :thumbsup:

EDIT: Can you tell me about that little cart that your Atari 5200 is occupying? Looks like it's specially made for the 5200. (That is a 5200 on it, right?)

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EDIT: Can you tell me about that little cart that your Atari 5200 is occupying? Looks like it's specially made for the 5200. (That is a 5200 on it, right?)


Just saw this so I apologize I haven't answered you sooner on this. Yes there is a 5200 on that cart. I don't believe it was designed for the 5200 as the 5200 doesn't quite fit in there properly. It is too long front to back as part of it actually sticks out the back of the cart.


However, this cart was designed for what I'm using it for. Only it was designed for the 2600 and not the 5200. My wife picked up this cart along with a CIB 2600 in excellent shape and about a dozen boxed games at a garage sale. In looking over everything I actually found the original receipt from when the owner purchased this cart. Turns out they were Atari club members and this cart was one of many items that could be purchased through the clubs catalog. Sadly I didn't find the original assembly instructions, but in looking at pics of this cart from other owners, I know that mine is missing another piece of black wood trim that went along the front of the top cover, and had another smaller piece of smoked plexi that came off that. So the lid actually boxed in properly when it was fully together originally. This one is missing the front part and I've had to put in new deck screws to the rear section so it was more sturdy. These carts aren't built very well and after nearly 40 years...the particle and veneer that make them up won't last forever.


Still it does house my 5200 and the bottom half opens up with two small plexi doors. Inside are my boxed 5200 games, some cart only homebrews and AA reproductions, along with the power supply. That 5200 is a modified 4 port unit that has S-video/Comp/Audio and the power mod so it no longer requires the switch box. It produces a wonderful picture and is without a doubt the one console where the AV mod on it looks the best. I really like my 5200 (I have another boxed 4port cib just in case), and felt it deserved it own place to call home. The cart serves a good place to store it and keep it all together, plus the cart has plastic caster wheels on it so I can roll it around the room for easy hook up when needed.

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Sorry, I'm new here so this may be obvious to some but why is it called Ivory Tower Collections? Do you open this awesome collection to the public or something?


Excellent question and honestly it hasn't ever been asked before. I'm afraid the answer isn't that exotic. Simply this..


My first computer that I really pieced together for gaming was a full sized ivory colored tower PC. Used it for many years. I eventually retired it when I started to pick up console gaming again and then started to collect video games in general back in the very late 90s. When I started up the OKGE/OVGE convention in 2003, I needed a name for where most of the museum display items came from as well as a sponsor name for several of the door prizes I gave away. Since I still have that Ivory Tower PC (Still works too btw..), and had began to get a decent collection going. I chose the name Ivory Tower Collections.


Additionally I was and still am a big fan of the movie the Never Ending Story and of course...Ivory Tower. It just all fits.


The collection isn't really open to the public no..since it at my house, but I supposed when parts of it were on display for the public to see and play during my conventions...it qualifies?

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Oh, and the Never Ending Story is a true classic movie.

I too own the laser-disc of this movie along with a blu-ray release of course. If you look at once of the pictures more closely in the upper left, you will see part of Falkor's head. It is print from an artist at one of my conventions who had these for sale. She was quite talented and she really did a great job on this particular piece. She had the actual oil on canvas on display at the show of most of her pieces but of course only the prints were available to buy. Still I like him up there as the guardian to the collection of sorts along with the name and besides it really creeps people out that come over the visit when they finally notice him up there LOL!

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Did a very quick and raw video tour of the Ivory Tower Collections last night. Few more additions since the last pics were posted. Isn't there always? LOL.


I apologize about the graininess in the darker areas. I had the low lux enabled to help see some of the less let areas of the room. In this video I have every light on that I can but my cam is an older early HD version. Oh well...


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