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Snes doom bigging to be improved.


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I remember how excited i was once i readed about snes doom in a nintendo magazine stating that the FX chip was capable of doing fantastic 3D graphics,then i played the pc version in 1999 and in 2001 i bought the snes version of it along with a snes, once i first saw the credits followed by the title screen,i was like '''whooaah it's gonne be like pc doom'''but then once i started the game i was slowly to find out that many things turn out to be missing,no full screen size (lying game pakage),no textures on flours & ceillings,limited and poor sound effects,poor physics,enemy's just fall down like dolls,they don't fall off from stairs or get blasted away by explosions,shooting on exploding barrels more feels like shooting on paper being burned off immediately,,choppy speed & unresponsive controls,annoying collision & hit detection,poor warning sound system, even with the riffle gun you can only shoot 1 enemy at a time,enemy' s already shooting at you without being warned,dark and muddy graphics,poor AI,no 3D sprites,fade off sound effects & music instruments.when you pause a game and then redeem your game the game starts all the way back from the beginning,shooting with a riffle gun, pistol gun and chaingun once shooting with it more feels and sounds like being filled in with sand inside,shooting with a plasma rocket,laser gun or BFG9000 feels & sounds more like shooting with red,purple & gree nfire balls,the chainsaw more feels and sounds like a corroded chainsaw with mud inside,gone are those funny sound effects,like explosions,crying soldiers etc,,, 4 of my favorite levels are missing, there are missing options in the menu etc,,,

This version feels sadly cheap with an unfair challanging gameplay, yes it will be allway amezing to see it running on a snes with 22 levels in complete form within the 3 episodes but that's it.

The FX2 CHIP could NOT handle it, so it's time to hack & fix tor replace this messed up version because it's possible ,forget that FX because there was 1 official nintendo chip inside 1 jap snes game called ,,,hayazashi Nidan morita shogi 2,, that game uses the ST018 chip wich was a 21mhz 32bit chip,sadly that chip was only used for AI,but what if we could use that chip to run doom on it,it could even IN THEORY run gba game on it because it's ARM based, so if we cOULD clone or emulate that chip,wire it up to the snes DMA pins, write some graphical software to it whoever know what kind of potential power we can unleash out of this mighty beast.

LET THE WORLD KNOW,the st018 chip is a 32bit chip Used in 1 jap snes game,thus transforming your snes in a 32bit system(!)

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