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DPYushira's Entertainment Blog - 3 more hurdles and Project KOF Kyo Eng


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After some extensive testing, We managed to get a few things working with turning the games Japanese text into English using Windhex but now we have come across 2 major hurdles and 1 minor one. The first one is getting the text size small. Using the text as it is will be too big of the letters and it will crash the game. The minor issue is related to the 1st major as the game will crash in certain spots if I change too much. 2nd major issue is the file size. The original bin size is 659 MB even though there is 605 MB of content in the bin so I have no idea where the other MB came from. Not only that but pales in comparison to what happens if I extract all files via PowerISO and put them back together in a bin again unaltered for testing purposes and it shows 700+ MB and once again, were did all this extra MB come from?


Once we figure out what to do, the translation project is on. None of us know how to patch nor tried patching a game before, so we are using Windhex to work on the .bin file as a whole from scratch. WHat we did manage to do is change a character or two. Ex: Changed Bakame!! to Stupid! but the text was too big and ran out of room in the dialogue window and crashed the game. We also changed one part where we changed Iori's kanji name to the letter I and at another time to T4 to test non 8000+ hex alphabet (romaji) unicode. But making the name into [iORI] crashed the game to black before his dialogue where it shows up.

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