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2600 Controllers


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I'm reposting in the "Wanted" section.


I need to replace my VCS joysticks. The stock Atari joysticks will not do. Most joysticks that I've used will not do.


I'm interested in the Competition Pro and the Tac 2. Also interested in the more obscure stuff pictured below, and any other obscure or quality joysticks anyone has to offer.


Some items I have for trade might include loose Vectrex stuff, Dreamcast console, Wii console soft modded for emulation, Game Boy games, Sears console, maybe other stuff. Or money.








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For a 2600 I can say only one thing... "MAKE YOUR OWN!" << CLICK HERE >>

Seriously, they will be better quality, and nothing is better than custom!

Good point, especially for 2600 (such simple wiring) and extra especially for something like the button-only controller I posted. .. My real stick preference though is a bit more complicated though because I really like these analog-like mechanics, like the Enjoysticks I was using until they broke. I got some interesting conversation on the subject last year:




.. I would have a use for one like yours and it looks more compact than others I have seen, but I really prefer something I can comfortably hold in my hand, (like the Enjoystick). Maybe my DIY joystick should involve some retro-fitting of an existing enclosure. .. Not sure about arcade buttons on a handheld joystick though, or what would be a good option there.

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Hmm maybe I will revisit the Kraft joysticks. I have one somewhere that I had cast aside in the past. I remember being really excited to buy it but then very disappointed in using it. I think Kraft made all kinds of joysticks for computers and even arcade and industrial applications. I'm not sure how much variety there is among Kraft Atari sticks though. My quick search just now yielded a lot of images like the one I had.

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For a 2600 I can say only one thing... "MAKE YOUR OWN!" << CLICK HERE >>

Seriously, they will be better quality, and nothing is better than custom!


Example of something you too could build...

This!!! :grin:



Here's my "daily banger" that I use for playing Atari. This is just a teaser though. I've since added paddles and draw strings to switch the joystick between 4-way and 8-way. Check the links in my sig for updated pics of my controller builds!


See also:


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