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So I got two Colecovision games in the mail today. I didn't want to hook up my Colecovision, but I did it to test them. I couldn't control the airplane in Looping, and I only got to stage four in Gorf. I had been working on the fruit fly game. I doubt I'll call it "Bananas are Good" any more unless someone can produce a banana screen in asm and put it in my bB game somehow. My dumb new computer is bothering me about wanting me to do stuff to it. I long for the good old days of Windows 95 when computers didn't care what you did to them. And then they had to go and change everything. I HATE CHANGE. So anyway, after I tested my Colecovision games to make sure they work, I unplugged my Colecovision and plugged in my Dreamcast. I suppose I could get a power strip so I could keep the things I use the most plugged in, but I already have a power strip in my room for the computer and I worry about adding a second one. So I'm supposed to get a Dreamcast game in the mail some time. I bet it's tomorrow, when Mom is gone and I'll have to go to the garage in 100 degree heat. There's a little slot in the garage side where the mail drops. Into a wicker basket. Yep, they're threatening it here. (37 degrees Centigrade for you non-Americans). I just wanted to make it so the DC automatically plays the game instead of me having to manually input the date and time. Why do you suppose the Gamecube can keep the date and time and has been for 15 years now, while I have to do this on the DC every time I plug it in. I know I don't have to do it, but I want a record of when I play stuff, and if I don't then every date will be the DC launch date. I bet Sega wasn't thinking that people would still actively use their Dreamcasts in 2016, but they do.

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