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Recommended Small Flat Panel for Retro Use?

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I'm looking for a smallish (maybe 12 - 14" 4:3 LCD or similar) flat panel for mostly retro use and Raspberry PI. There are a bunch of cheapish Chinese ones for CCTV use which have a wide range of connectors (Composite, VGA, HDMI etc.)


A friend just bought a "Sourcingbay 12" which looked good on Amazon but came with a hot pixel (bright white dot) and the connectors were very hard to access and its going back.


Can anyone recommend anything like this?


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Ideally you'd want 16 KHz RGB which is what Amiga, ST, VBXE uses, as well as a few other older computers and consoles.

Problem is they are very scarce though supposedly SCART fitted TVs will often support it.


A possible untapped supply I've not yet investigated is monitors used with medical monitoring equipment. Although the problem there is they'd often be bunded with the rest of whatever large device it comes with, and often such things are used until they're virtually dead anyway.


Problem 2 is that RGB will often be at the exclusion of the likes of S-Video, Composite, Component.

Also, Component has supplanted RGB a long time back in home theatre applications in that it can provide almost as good quality with less connections.

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If you can get by with "good clean" composite video, this little screen is peddled by various home security/surveillance sites on the web.



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