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32x troubleshooting.


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I have a 32x that does not output anything. I know it is the system as I tested my 32x and it works but this recent one I found does not. I have tried reseating the ribbon cables and nothing. Any ideas? A youtube comment said check ferrite beads for open... not a 100% sure exactly what those are on the board but I will assume the tiny ass squares w/FB marked on them.


I will be ripping this whole thing apart I guess and seeing what I come up with. However any tips on what to check first would be helpful.

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Got it working.... don't ask me how LOL. I was just checking everything. I had 13.7 V no load on each side of the power. I checked everything for continuity. I think what really solved the problem is I jammed my leads in between each of the pins in the connector just to verify every pin was making a connection to the bottom solder joints.


I think a piece of dirt or something might have been caked on a pin inside the connector and I scraped it off, that is the ONLY logical explanation for this haha. Now my find is going to pay off :)

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