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Replacement springs for 800XL keyboard?

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I just did a major cleaning of an 800XL keyboard, a "Type 4", according to http://atariage.com/forums/topic/105170-600800xl-keyboard-variants/?p=1274425. It's one of the ones with the heavy metal [insert Bill & Ted air guitar solo here] plate on the back. It's really clean now.


I only lost two springs, which is better than I expected. They were those tiny little springs that actually get pushed against the mylar foil. I left the springs out of the right shift and the inverse key for now.


Any ideas where I might look for replacement springs?

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I'll be checking out the local hardware store for tiny springs, but in the meantime:


1/16" heat shrink tubing (thin wall, 2:1 ratio) is just barely too wide to fit in the keycap hole. But cut in half, and to the approximate length of the original springs, they give a very spring-like response. I don't think I'd want to replace ALL the springs this way, but it's functional.

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