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RAM for IIGS memory expansion card?

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Thanks! That was exactly the information I needed!


Jameco has them for $0.79 each, or $0.69 if you buy 10 or more. Since I need 24, that's $16.56 + shipping.


Now the question is, do I want to bother with a measly 1 MB, or should I research one of the 4 to 8 MB options? Hmmm...

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I have one of the older GGLabs 4MB cards (the kind with Zip RAM) and have been really happy with it. The 1MB card is really only worthwhile in a ROM3 machine or a ROM01 that will never actually be used with GS/OS, and it's barebones on the ROM3.


I'd get the 4MB option. :)

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