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WTB: Need some various paperwork and items that came with NES ROB deluxe se


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I need 1 of the round safety warning discs that topped the gyro discs for rob.


I need the quality guarantee card that came with rob.


I believe a large warranty card also came with him....need that too.


I basically am happy to get any of the paperwork that came with rob deluxe set besides the poster, Rob manual and eye cover info sheet and large warranty card.


I am also happy to get any of the original plastic baggies the various items came in.


I also am looking for cib copies of Duck hunt and gyromite. Just boxes and manuals are fine too.


Thanks, happy to pay paypal or trade :)

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I probably have most of this stuff in quadruple form. I have about 3-4 boxes of manuals/inserts I plan on going through in the near future. If you can post pictures of everything that would be easier. I do have a deluxe set but don't really want to rip it open, but I still have my pics I took that I can check. I would almost guarantee I have that poster.


I know I don't have the caution stickers for the gyros.

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You have me wondering what mine has in it now lol. I got mine about oh 6-7 years ago or so. I snapped a quick pic and locked it up in my display cabinet. I don't like opening stuff like this multiple times for chances of damaging stuff, but I am curious if mine has the caution stickers. It looks like it never got used.


When I purchased it, it was with a lot of really nice stuff that had belonged to their father and had been in the closet for like 20 + years or so.


It does look like I see a caution sticker on a gyro though under the plastic.



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Hey, thanks for the replys guys.


The gyro warning isn't actually a sticker, just a push on cardboard disc.

I need 1 of those still. I found 1 and paid $13 for it, happy to do at least that.


Then I know I need the nintendo quality guarantee card. Here is a pic:




It's the card in the lower left with the nes seal.


I also would take the rectangular slip with the bonus offer and red burst on it. Also in this pic. I also would take the yellow slip, I believe it's a nintendo power ad.


It's hard because I don't know exactly what came with the deluxe set and can't find solid info on it.

If anyone wants to chime in with things they know it had please do.


I have the large and small rob posters, not sure if it came with others but I would take others.


I have the full size sheet warranty info and the rob manual.


I don't know if the deluxe set included manuals for the control deck and zapper or if that was covered in the rob manual.




This pic has a blast more power out of your nes paper, and a couple posters that are not the rob poster, I would buy them too.




This 3rd pic has some other random things I don't know what they are, I would get them too. Also has another pic of the quality guarantee card.


Happy to have any odds and ends run by me, I could probably use some stuff for my action set too. I know I need any of the baggies as well except for the f connector and rob itself.



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That is cool :)


I don't think the nes rob set came with the control deck and zapper manuals though did it?

Wasn't everything covered in the main large rob manual?


I am not sure, I am curious though if I should have those 2 packed in with the rob set?


Let me know if you find any other goodies ;)

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