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So I attempted to fix the stupid problem I was having with Insecticide for the Odyssey 2. I wanted it so that if player 1 picked a bug, player 2 cannot choose player 1's bug. After a few hours and weird workarounds, I think I have finally solved the stupid problem. I checked and I put the game on real hardware and it works okay. It's not the best display in the world, with dark vertical lines on non-black screens, but I can see enough to play stuff. I unplugged my Dreamcast since it is apparent I'm not getting that game I ordered on May 29 any time soon. Watch as it comes tomorrow. I don't know what I did to make it work. That's what happens. I make educated guesses until it works. I slept on my bed last night. I forgot about the spider being there. It got to 90 degrees again today but it's supposed to cool down tomorrow, so I want to give my a/c a break since it's been mainly on for 4 or 5 days. Above 90 and it gets hot.

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