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Insecticide for the Odyssey 2

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I have decided to go ahead and make a version of the Virtual Boy game I made called Insecticide for the Odyssey 2. Right now all I have is a menu screen where you can select characters with the fire button. Right now what I'm planning on doing is making this a 2-player game and if I have enough room left after that, I will add a computer controlled player mode as well. I noticed when I put the latest version on the Odyssey 2, I could not press ACTION to start the game. This bug has been fixed so if you have a flashcart, you can now start the game. This will be a 4k game. The first two k's are for the menu selection screen and the other 2k will be for the fighting game itself since I have blown through 1k for just the title screen and menu selection screen! There will be a total of four fighters, down from the original 8 in the Virtual Boy version.


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