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atari2600land's Blog - I did the NYT crossword today.


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So I get up at about one pm or so. I took the dog out. One minute after we came back in, it started to pour down rain. I looked at the crossword puzzle. It looks really really hard. I thought: What if 12-across was Game of Thrones? I never watched the show, and the clue was "Show with the record for most Emmys won in a single year (12)." Then that meant that 12-down must be Goatee (Relative of a soul patch.) Then things really got rolling when I got 1-across (Holder of many titles). I was thinking it wasn't a person, rather a thing. I was right. It was Card catalog. But man, there's just too many things I doubt normal people would know. Google was my friend here, especially with 33-across (Allison Janney's role on "The West Wing"). WTF? How do you know that if you don't watch the show? Or (Architect/sculptor with an eponymous New York museum). How do you know that if you don't live in NYC? (The answer: Noguchi). The last entry I got was 49-across: (Anticipate) "Plan for." I guess. I was wanting to put in "wait for," "look for," but what got me was 49-down (Hang.) So I went through the dictionary, looking through answers rhyming with "end" (I had those letters filled in.) Pend was a good fit, a little too tough to get, which then I got Plan for. I was thinking "speedball" mentioned in a clue, was a sport. It wasn't until the very end that I figured it might be a drug cocktail, one in which you use heroin. My brain hurts now, but I think this is the first Friday New York Times crossword I ever finished.

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